What you need to know when looking for a Window Cleaning Company
3 key questions you need to ask Window Cleaning Company

Choosing the Right Company

It’s never easy to choose which company to hire. There are at least three KEY questions that can guide you through this process and save you from potential complications down the road.

Experience and References

Ask about their experience, and if the answer is unclear, most likely they are not very experienced. Hiring the professionals will save you time and money. Testimonials provide a level of service expectation and play a significant role in your selection process. Ask your window cleaning company to send you their references and check at least one, when you’re sure that you want to hire them. Spending the extra time checking references will pay off in the long run.

Liability Policy

It is crucial to understand the potential risks window cleaners face with their job. BBC called Window Cleaning job one of the most dangerous. Therefore, you should never forget to ask about their insurance that covers accidents or damages. The window cleaning company should be able to show you a proof of insurance policy (but don’t accept a copy, it might not be legitimate). Also, you should not rely on your insurance; it doesn't cover accidents caused by a contractor. There are few types of window cleaners’ insurance policies for window cleaning businesses, which will provide extensive coverage for the risks associated with their work.


Now when you know about potential dangers that can affect both the worker and client, you should be asking whether the company is taking safety seriously. Safety should be their top priority. Agree? Ask if the company's employees have taken the necessary safety certifications and if they are in good standing with the WSIB. By eliminating businesses that do not have a legitimate safety protocol in place, you will avoid potential difficulties after hiring them.

Many people are not comfortable asking those questions.  But you have the right to get as much information as you need on a company before trusting them. Doing your research online and asking these three key questions will help you to find your trusted Window Partner!

Good luck with your search!

Posted: 2017 October 03
By: PrimeTech Building Services Ltd.
Tags: window cleaning